Nanning Millennium Bug Artware Co., Ltd.

    Nanning Millennium Bug Artware Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanning Millennium Art & Craft Stock Co., Ltd., was established in 2013.  At present, the company has two major brands: the "Millennium Bug" focuses on the gift wholesale of transparent artificial amber and the "Wishing Tree" focuses on gift retail of cultural and creative resin product. After twenty years of branding and marketing, corporate has successfully promoted products to various countries and regional markets around the world.

    Corporate follows the strategic plan of the headquarters and sets the strategic goal of "resin artware industrialization". Relying on the support of years of research of headquarters, company has achieved completely independence in production, research and development, technology and product design. We strive to create a product concept of "Beauty of Nature lasts millions of years or forever“, and convey the truth and beauty of nature to the world.

    Corporate embraces the corporate spirit of "honesty, concern and dedication", implements the management policy of "achieving excellence and winning by quality”, and operates in accordance with modern corporate management practices. Corporate are customer-centered, establish a notion of growing together with employees to achieve the common goal, unity and work hard.

Brand and Product

   "Millennium Bug" is a brand found in Millennium Art & Crafts early days, and it officially obtained the registered trademark of "Millennium Bug" in 2003. With natural plant and insect resin as its leading product, Millennium Bug successfully entered and covered the domestic and foreign tourist souvenir markets in the early years. Nowadays it adjusted the its product structure, achieving market strategic transition , expanding the wholesale and retail markets of cultural and creative gifts, and creating a brand new Millennium Bug to spread the truth and beauty of nature.

    The millennium bug has optimized the product design and re-planned the brand position, dividing the products into Four Series and Six Collections. The Four Series classified natural products into plant, insect, ocean, and mineral, and design various types of products around category. The SIX COLLECTIONS adopted six specific natural items with stronger cultural meanings, such as Crystal Rose and Dandelion Town as themes, to build special collections, conducting deeper exploration of natural culture and product creation.

Millennium Bug products mainly cover ornaments, night lights, accessories, etc with more than 500 designs. They integrate decoration, practicality, collection and cultural reflection to meet the preference towards various cultures of nature from each age group of customers. Millennium bug products sell well in the domestic and foreign tourism and gift markets, and have won many awards in the travel souvenirs and cultural and creative gifts circles.

    The company also undertakes various design cooperation or customization services.

Concept and Culture

    Millennium Bug bases on transparent resin as the carrier and nature as the theme culture, selects all kinds of real plants, insects, ocean creatures and minerals, and transfers them into decorative artworks, in order to solidify and focus the beauty of nature on these clear objects.

    If observing the products carefully, you can find that the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature is not only existed in the splendid mountains, but also in these exquisite resin ornaments. Various natural products combining translucent resin, going with classic and minimalist design and selection of accessories, Millennium bug's attention to any detail made itself to achieve a classic generation of natural resin products. The seemingly ordinary resin pieces, in fact, hides a sketch, a story, or a period of time of nature in each work.